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Akashic Records Readings

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The Akashic Records are the record of of our experiences, thoughts, and actions in every lifetime since our soul's first incarnation. By opening these records we can find answers to the questions and problems we face in this current life. Getting these answers can bring understanding and healing, guidance and peace. These answers come directly from our own Records, provided to us by our own "team" of guides, and given with love and compassion.


Akashic Records readings are not fortune telling and don't give predictions for our future. They instead give clarity and guidance on our soul's journey, both past and present.


Typical kinds of questions that may be asked during a reading include:


  • What is the purpose of my relationship with ________?

  • Why do I seem to have trouble achieving prosperity?

  • What can I do to attract love into my life?

  • What was the purpose of that ___ experience I had?


Types of questions that are not well suited for the Akashic Records, and more effective ways to phrase them:


  • Questions starting with "when" are difficult to answer because the Records exist outside of linear time. Instead of asking, for example, "When will I find a job?" a better question might be "What can I do to find a job?"


  • "Should I" questions may not get a simple "yes" or "no" answer. You have free will and any path you take will be part of your soul's journey. The Records don't make judgments about the outcome as being good or bad. A better way to get information on a decision is to ask for possible outcomes or which path will best match your personal goals.


  • Questions about people other than you can only be answered in regards to your relationship with them. Your reading can only access your own Records.


What to Expect in a Reading


All readings are done by phone and last up to one hour.


Have a list of questions ready to ask, using the guidelines above for what types of questions work best. You will need to give me your full legal name to use when opening your Records. This is typically your name as it appears on your tax returns.


After discussing any questions you may have about the reading, I will begin by saying the non-denominational Pathway Prayer© developed by Linda Howe.  The Pathway Prayer Process© provides an energetic way to access the Records with integrity and an open heart. All information discussed during a reading is kept completely confidential.


Once your Records are open, you may ask your questions. I will relay the information to you as I receive it from your Records. Only information that answers each question will be given to me. I won't have access to any other information about you.


You must be at least 18 years old to have a reading.


The Akashic Records Are NOT


  • Trance channeling. I maintain full consciousness at all times.

  • Religion, or favoring any particular religion.

  • Fortune telling or predictions of future events.

  • A random exploration of past lives.

  • A substitute for medical, financial, or other professional advice.


Schedule a Reading


Cost: $75 for up to 1 hour


Email, text, or call me to set up a time for your reading. Please include your phone number if you email me. Pay by clicking the "Buy Now" button on this page. This button allows you to use either credit card or PayPal. Payment must be made before starting the reading.


At the scheduled time, I will call you at the phone number you've given me.


By making your appointment, you agree to the following:

I understand that the consultation is solely for my personal growth, education and recreation, and is not a therapeutic activity, such as psychotherapy or counseling, and is not intended as such.


Click the "Buy Now" button above to purchase an Akashic Records reading ($75). Please email, text, or call me to schedule a time.


After a reading that explored a deep childhood trauma, Gwen said:

"I found that I could let go the hurt and shame and not get myself emotional over it.  A couple of days after the reading I would deliberately think about what happened to me.  Thoughts about it seemed to go it is over and I'm DONE.  I've done psychotherapy when in my 20's and a lot of modalities to release what happened and it just kept following me.  I really feel it is over!"

Gwen Cunningham

“Kim is a very talented and psychically receptive Akashic Records reader. There were some very poignant and accurate words given through her during my reading.  I really enjoyed the guidance and clarity.”

Susan Montgomery

"My Akashic Records reading from Kim was amazingly accurate. I highly recommend her."

Debra Chabot

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