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Mediumship readings: connect to the Other Side



Connect to loved ones on the Other Side with a mediumship reading. I call my mediumship sessions "by invitation only." When we start our session I will ask Spirit who wants to speak to you. Or you may ask for a specific person. One at a time we will create a strong connection with those on the Other Side who wish to speak to you, giving you messages and answering questions.

Unlike many mediums, I don't ask those on the Other Side how they died, and have found that most don't want to focus on that anyway. They want you to remember them as they lived, and the love you shared. Generally they will validate their presence by showing me what they looked like or something important about them.

Sessions last half an hour and we may talk with more than one spirit, depending on how long their "conversations" last.


Schedule a conversation with the Other Side


Cost: $45


Email, text, or call me to set up a time for your session, which will last half an hour. Pay by clicking the "Buy Now" button on this page. This button allows you to use either credit card or PayPal. Payment must be made before the session.


All sessions are done by phone.

I had the opportunity to have a session from Kim. What came up from this was a past relationship that I was still grieving from. What came through was the description of this person. It was very clear and my questions were met. And not just with this one person but a couple others. The message I received helped me to finally let go.  It was needed to be heard.

Jeanette W.

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Click the "Buy Now" button above to purchase a Mediumship session ($45). Please email, text, or call me to schedule a time.


Kim connected with a dear friend that passed over 30 years ago. It was amazing to make that connection and have him validate questions that I’ve always wondered about. It was an incredible, healing interaction. Kim’s ability to connect with the other side is genuine and heart felt.

Tina F.

I’ve had two readings from Kim and both times I felt like I had spent time with beloved people in my life. I also felt resolved about particular issues that I had wondered about since their passing.

Patrick M.

I had never thought of doing this type of session because the person that I really wanted to hear from was an atheist, so I believed there wasn’t any chance of him coming through. Kim not only connected with him, but was able to deliver some insights from him that I had never thought of.  He also shared with us what it’s like on the other side for him.  Kim has given me a gift that I will forever cherish.

Kristie F.

Kim was very clear, helpful, concise and enlightening.  I was impressed and happy with her services.  I would highly recommend her to other people.

Inez D.

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