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Clearing past lives, healing this life


Did you know that things that happened to us in past lives can still be affecting us in this life? Traumas, suffering, and even physical injuries can be carried over into this life, needing to be healed. These past life energies can keep us from joy and ease, and even block us from achieving our goals.


We may know of some of the things that happened in this life, but we don't know what happened in past lives that is still affecting us. The good news is that we can identify and heal these wounds, from this and past lives, quickly and permanently. 


We can do this through a unique new healing modality that combines Akashic Records readings and Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT). In this session I do an hour-long, channeled Akashic Records reading to answer questions about the source of current suffering. After the reading I use SRT, working with Spirit to clear these energies. There may be one or multiple past lives involved, or maybe just issues from this life. All can be cleared.


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Cost: $95 for 1-hour reading followed by clearing

Email, text, or call me to set up a time for your reading. Please include your phone number if you email me. Pay by clicking the "Buy Now" button on this page. This button allows you to use either credit card or PayPal. Payment must be made before starting the reading. At the scheduled time, I will call you at the phone number you've given me.


By making your appointment, you agree to the following:

I understand that the consultation is solely for my personal growth, education and recreation, and is not a therapeutic activity, such as psychotherapy or counseling, and is not intended as such.

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Click the "Buy Now" button above to purchase a Past Life Clearings session ($95). Please email, text, or call me to schedule a time.

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