Spiritual Healing


What is blocking you from achieving your goals? What is keeping you in the same bad habits and destructive patterns no matter how hard you try to overcome them?


All of us have hidden “programs” from this life and past lives that block us at our soul level. We don’t even know they are there, which is what makes them so powerful—and so hard to overcome.


Through a healing technique called Spiritual Response Therapy or SRT, we can easily clear these programs, quickly and permanently. Some examples of these hidden programs are self-punishment, vows of poverty, desire to suffer, blocks to self-worth, hate of life, entity attachments, and hundreds of others. We all have many layers of these programs. SRT clears them no matter how deeply buried or powerful they may be.


With even one session of SRT you can feel major energetic shifts and life changes.


Schedule a Spiritual Healing Session


My work with Spirit has evolved and grown so powerful and effective that the clearings can be done in moments. I now combine the clearings with an Akashic Records reading. I will do the full one-hour Akashic Records reading, as described on that page, and will end it with instructions to Spirit to do a complete clearing. Please use the Akashic Records page to book a session.

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