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The 111™ Activation

The 111™ Activation is an energy-based procedure that helps you more rapidly evolve on your life’s journey. Many people report the following benefits: releasing old patterns that no longer serve them, manifesting their desires faster and more easily, gaining better clarity, and becoming more intuitive. Some have also experienced significant physical healings.


The 111™ Activation is done only once and lasts a lifetime.


According to channeled guidance, the 111™ Activation creates more “space” at the quantum level within the physical body. It acts as a virtual catapult to accelerate you forward on your spiritual path. In this non-touch process, the practitioner works within the quantum field to overlay a new energetic structure onto the client. Clients have called it “expansive,” “life-changing,” and “profound.”


The 111™ Activation can be done at a distance and the process is as effective as when done in person. It doesn’t matter whether the practitioner and client are next door to each other or on opposite sides of the planet. The 111™ Activation works within what scientists call “the Field” and transcends our perceived limitations of distance.


What to Expect during the Session


Distance: At the time scheduled for your 111™ Activation distance session, you will lie down in a quiet room, away from potential distractions. You will then close your eyes, relax, and simply observe your experience. I will work within the quantum field to create this new energetic structure for you.


The session typically takes about 30 minutes, but most clients report that their experience lasts well beyond that time.


After you come out of your experience, you are encouraged to record whatever you felt during your session—either by writing it down, recording it, or talking to me directly afterwards.


Once your session has ended, your transformation will unfold over time.


Some people experience physical sensations during the sessions, which are usually pleasant. It is also common to simply feel a sense of relaxation.


What to Expect after the Session


Each person's experience is unique and there is no way to predict how yours will unfold. However, most clients experience significant shifts in mood and energy over the days and weeks. Ultimately, almost all clients report feelings of far greater clarity, authenticity, and ability to find and speak their truth. Some report being able to identify their goals more easily and manifest them more quickly and confidently.


Schedule the 111™ Activation


Cost: $111


Email, text, or call me to set up a time for your activation. Please include your phone number if you email me. Pay by clicking the "Buy Now" button on this page.  This button allows you to use either credit card or PayPal. Payment must be made before the session.


At the scheduled time, I will call you to tell you when I am about to start the session so you can get comfortable. After the session you are encouraged to call me with any questions or feedback on your experience.



“I had the pleasure of experiencing the 111 Activation with Kim. After my first session—not knowing what to expect—I felt a shift immediately. I didn’t realize what had been released but I knew something was missing. My habituated behavior that I had hung on to most of my life was gone. I was so addicted to this it took me three months to finally figure out what it was.  I can’t thank Kim enough for something so simple that did something so profound. Thank you, thank you, thank you. “

JC Willhite

“Kim is a real talent who not only helped me physically with 111 Activation but, more importantly, I've seen positive spiritual changes as well.  She also worked on my daughter—without her knowledge—and within a short time there were big changes in her life!”

Sharon P.

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Click the "Buy Now" button above to purchase a 111™ Activation session ($111). Please email, text, or call me to schedule a time.

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